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UpdAte request by Pisssed Consumers:

It is a month since I reported about Dr. Rotem. I have undergone three surgeries so far. I have had so much pain and all of it could have been avoided if Dr. Rotem had listened to my complaints in the first place.

I am now in the process of having 5 implants put in, they cannot put them all in at the same time so I have to wait 4 months after each one is installed so that it adhere to the bones. I had to have a sinus augmentation so I do not have problems with my sinuses due to the implant just below that area. That was extremely painful to go through, this week I go for another implant and bone grafting which will take another three hours in the chair. Now the time line is I will not be able to eat normally for the next 4 months ( due to the fact I have temporary caps and they fall out while I eat so I cannot eat anything hard or chewy)

My main food source are green smoothies, no corn on the cob or watermelon during this summer. Actually because of Dr. Rotem I have not been able to eat corn on the cob or anything of that sort, apples, or any hard fruit, well you get the idea, for the last 4 years.

This has caused me much physical and emotional pain.

Even when it is all finished I will never be the same. I have already stopped several people that almost made the same mistake I did, I am happy that I did that.

Original review posted by user Jul 02, 2012

My teeth were ruined and I am undergoing intensive minor surgeries to be able to eat again without pain. I had to have 7 teeth extracted because of what he did to me.

I kept telling him there was something wrong and he ignored me teling me I was wrong until everything hit the fan.

Stay away from this man. He worked on me and ruined my teeth, not it is taking over a year to put back what he took apart. He should not be in business.

He is a DDS in the town of Toms River NJ.

Everyone he touches has problems, plase be aware

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What happened? What did Dr. Rotem do that messed up your mouth?

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